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I hope the fact that you are visiting this site indicates that you are either interested in learning God's financial principles or in helping to teach them. That is why Crown Financial Ministries exists, and we know that as people learn and apply these principles their lives are transformed. Stress is reduced, marriages are improved, and most importantly, people are drawn into a more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

For Individuals
Lack of financial peace is a common malady in America among people all along the financial spectrum. The Greater National Capitol area is no exception, especially with the burdensome housing costs many face. God's Word has the answer to finding financial peace - over 2,350 verses that deal with money or possessions! We want to help you learn and apply the wisdom God's Word contains.

For Churches
Two-thirds of the parables Jesus told relate to finances in some way. He instructed His disciples to go and make disciples and teach them to obey all that He instructed them. This translates into an important role for the church. Crown Financial Ministries exists to assist churches in establishing and sustaining a stewardship ministry. Our Greater National Capitol team can help your church raise the people and money necessary for you to accomplish your unique mission and objectives. We will consult with and serve you to provide a financial ministry plan that can accomplish this, and work with your leaders so they are well-equipped to sustain that plan.

Browse our local website
Look around our local website to meet the team, find churches that have Crown already started or established, and check out events that are on the calendar locally. You can find additional resources by going to the Resources page, find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), and get other important information.

Our Goal
Our team has a passion to teach (and help you teach) those who want to learn how to make and manage money so that they can fulfill God's purpose in their lives. This is a critical aspect of being an effective disciple of Christ, freeing up resources to be used for His work. It is also one way we can look vastly different from the world, which in turn can lead to opportunities to share the love of Christ and the truth of His Word. If you are interested in being a part of this goal, sharing your time, skills, or financial resources, be sure to check out Join the Team and contact us.

We desire to serve you or your church as you follow God's leadership in learning to be good stewards. Browse our site, seek the Lord through prayer, and contact us!