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Welcome to this informational site! We look forward to serving your needs. This site might look different than the previous site you accessed, as we strive to ensure you have access to the entire library of information available at www.crown.org. You will find helpful tools here: http://www.crown.org/Tools/ and an extensive collection of articles here: http://www.crown.org/Articles/.

The Catholic Supplement to the Biblical Financial Study (in English and Spanish) is available for download in the Resources section to the left.
The Catholic Supplement complements the existing material, chapter topic by chapter topic.

Crown Financial Ministries was introduced to the Roman Catholic Community in 1987. St. Margaret Mary Parish/Diocese of Orlando approved the small group study, after considerable scrutiny, as an educational tool for faith formation.

Since 1987 many clergy have examined the materials and found them "theologically appropriate." At this time, about 40 parishes in the Orlando Diocese have experienced the Crown resources to some degree. In addition, about 35 Dioceses in the US have participating parishes.

To date, thousands have graduated from Crown church programs and have grown substantially in their faith journey. Many have experienced life change by learning and applying God's financial guidelines for managing all their resources.

Individual Promise>> Transform lives, reduce stress, improve marriages and draw people closer to Christ through the application of Biblical financial principles.

Church Promise>> Raise the people and money for churches to accomplish their unique mission and objectives.

VISION: To see every follower of Christ in every nation faithfully living by God's financial principles in every area of their lives.